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Screw Conveyors

Around the world, Orthman screw conveyors are handling everything from alfalfa meal to zinc oxide

The productivity of your bulk material manufacturing operations ultimately depends on the speed and efficiency of your equipment supplies. That’s why so many companies rely on Orthman screw conveyors and components for a wide variety of applications, including distributing, collecting, mixing, heating and cooling, elevating, batching and aerating.

Because Orthman uses a standardized set of parts, screw conveyor systems are economical and easy to maintain and can be configured in a variety of ways to deal with process variants inclines and multiple discharge locations. Components can be enclosed for sanitary construction and constructed for a variety of materials. Orthman screw conveyor systems and parts are readily available and supported by a responsive service network.

Orthman screw conveyors can be furnished with all necessary power transmission components, including V-belts, sheaves, motors and guards, all precision-designed to work with the screw conveyor drive.

Specialty screw conveyor components

18″ diameter flared screw conveyors

Flared screw conveyor feeders are mounted under hoppers
Pedestal mounted bearings
Foot-mounted drives with chains and sprockets
Oil bath chain guards

Conveyor screws

Conveyor screws are the component that moves material from the inlet to discharge. Conveyor screws can have many flight and pitch configurations, and can be fabricated from a variety of materials.
Download a copy of the Orthman Screw Conveyor Catalog or the Orthman Screw Conveyor Installation Manual.
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