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With more than 41 years of application experience,

Orthman knows nutrients

Precision nutrient placement is one of the key Principles of Precision Tillage. For nutrient placement during the planting process, Orthman’s innovative 1tRIPr delivers liquid, dry or NH3 right to the root zone, but for post-emergent side-dress applications, you need the Orthman all-purpose Fertilizer Applicator or Liquid Fertilizer Applicator. Both are built around an all-new zero-daily-maintenance coulter design that features greaseless, sealed-for-life bearings, greaseless composite bushings in the main pivot point, and a chemical-resistant rubber spring. Designed for longevity and ease of use, Orthman nutrient placement systems are the ideal choice for in-season nutrient application.

All-Purpose Applicator

Orthman sets the new standard in fertilizer application

For easy pre- and post-emergent application of NH3 or liquid fertilizer, the Orthman all-purpose Fertilizer Applicator is the ideal solution. An all-new coulter cuts through the soil with ease and features greaseless, sealed-for-life bearings, greaseless composite bushings and a chemical-resistant rubber spring so there’s no daily maintenance required. Also not required: wrenches. With Orthman’s innovative pin-adjust closing disks you can set an entire machine and be ready to go in minutes. With a built-in Nurse-Tank Hitch and spring-cushion shank for easier pulling and protection against submerged obstacles, Orthman’s all-purpose applicator will provide years of trouble-free performance.


Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

High efficiency meets zero maintenance

An all-new, zero-maintenance coulter features a greaseless, sealed-for-life hub and bearings, greaseless, composite pivot bushings and a corrosion- and chemical-resistant rubber spring. Order it in one of two application options: a low-disturbance coulter-mounted knife that delivers fertilizer below the soil to minimize evaporation, or a high-pressure injection nozzle that applies a solid stream of fertilizer right behind the coulter. Designed to run in all types of soil conditions and residue types, Orthman’s Liquid Fertilizer Applicator is available as a three-point mounted system that works in conjunction with tractor-mounted saddle tanks, or as a fully integrated system pulling its own 1,000-gallon liquid fertilizer tank on two high-flotation R1 tires.

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