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FE/FX Forced Ejection Scrapers

FE/FX Forced Ejection Scrapers

Load fast, unload easy, up to 10 cubic yards at a time

The Forced Ejection FE (dolly-wheel hitch) and FX (drawbar hitch) lines are the most popular scrapers in the lineup. They are designed for precision earthmoving, with the ability to transport soil any distance, and allow the operator to unload at a precise depth with an exact amount of material.

FE – Dolly-Wheel Hitch

The FE line features a rugged, two-wheel dolly hitch for quick hookup and front scraper support. The dolly hitch relieves the tractor of drawbar weight, eliminating the need for drawbar reinforcement, and serves as a gauging device for the cutting blade. It is available with 5-, 7.5- and 10-cubic-yard capacities.

FX – Drawbar Hitch

For enhanced traction, the FX line features a drawbar style hitch for increased weight transfer from the scraper to the tractor drawbar. Increased weight transfer combined with the short coupling of the FX scraper's heavy-duty hitch creates a highly maneuverable machine. Available in 5- and 7.5-cubic-yard capacities, the FX scraper line is a perfect pairing for MFWD tractors.

Navigate the Roughest Job Sites

With up to 13” of ground clearance and a wide stance, the FE and FX scrapers can navigate the roughest job sites as well as provide maximum access for routine maintenance. Available in 7- or 8-foot cutting widths and 5- to 10-cubic-yard capacities, Orthman forced ejection scrapers offer large machine features in a lower horsepower, affordable configuration.

Easy to Operate

The FE/FX scraper ejector wall and gate are designed to be easily controlled, using a single tractor SCV. The hydraulic sequencing valve simultaneously controls the opening of the front gate and the ejector wall for ease of use.

Maximum Flotation

775 and 8120 scraper models are equipped with 21.5Lx16.1 oversized rear tires for maximum flotation, and are mounted to heavy-duty 8-bolt hubs. Equipped with massive 3” spindles with 8,000 lb. rated hubs, 775 and 8120 models carry heavy loads in the harshest conditions with ease.

More Pull Power

FE model scrapers are equipped with a massive dolly-wheel swivel, positioned ahead of the front axle to reduce hitch hop for more pulling power. For even more pulling performance, an Orthman “perfect hitch” is standard equipment, providing maximum flexibility with no performance-robbing hitch slack.

Smooth Cleanout

For easy and complete cleanout, FE and FX model scrapers feature a smooth interior design, while their heavy-duty greaseable steel guide rollers provide reliable performance and long ejector wall service life.

Better Suction

The standard, high-performance frost bit increases scraper suction for continuous cutting power in tough conditions. FE and FX scrapers are designed and engineered to last for years of use on your farm, and knowing that they will see many hours of demanding work, we have equipped them with replaceable cutting blades. Not only do they protect the scraper side plates and provide superior cutting, the replaceable blades give you confidence that a decade down the road, you can equip your FE or FX scraper to cut as well as the day you bought it.

FE/FX Scraper Features

  • The wall and gate are controlled by a single hydraulic sequencing valve for ease of use
  • All FE/FX scrapers are equipped with oversized rear tires for maximum flotation
  • An Orthman “perfect hitch” is standard equipment, providing maximum flexibility with no performance-robbing hitch slack
  • Smooth interior design allows for easy and complete cleanout
  • Standard, high-performance frost bit increases suction for continuous cutting power
  • Heavy-duty greaseable steel guide rollers provide reliable performance and long service life