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Folding Toolbars

Folding Toolbars

The leading folding toolbars in the row crop industry

The strength and intelligent design of the internal folding cylinder invented by Henry Orthman have been working for producers worldwide for decades. Orthman folding toolbars are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are available in single- and dual-toolbar configurations, from 15′ to more than 60′ wide. For smooth operation, long life and reliability you can count on, specify the best toolbar in the business: Orthman.

Orthman has been producing the world’s most versatile and durable toolbars for almost five decades. Although competitors continue to attempt to produce a toolbar that can match Orthman standards, the strength and innovation of Orthman toolbars make them the toolbars of choice for smart producers. Orthman single-bar toolbars and the new Row Crop Tillage toolbars are manufactured to the highest standards. When you ask a producer which toolbars are the best that money can buy, chances are that the answer is Orthman.

High-Quality Construction

Orthman folding toolbars are constructed of high-strength premium grade steel tubing to provide years of trouble-free use, and all folding hinges are precision line-bored to ensure smooth folding and extra strength, consistent with all Orthman toolbars.

Single-Bar Toolbars

Orthman Single-Bar Folding Toolbars are designed around the original principles of the Orthman internal cylinder folding toolbar first developed in the 1970s. The single-bar toolbar’s innovative internal folding cylinder design allows the toolbar to fold 90 degrees, 115 degrees, 135 degrees or 180 degrees, and because the folding cylinder is housed inside the toolbar, it frees up toolbar space that’s wasted in external folding cylinder models.

Customize to your Operation

Our single-bar vertical fold toolbars are available in both planter and cultivator spacing models, ranging from 6 row 40-inch to 16 row 30-inch in a variety of row spacings and with the option of 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch wall, high-strength steel tubing. If our large selection of nearly 20 configurations does not fit your needs, contact your local Orthman Product Specialist to talk about your custom toolbar needs.

Heavy-Duty Bolt-on Hitches

Single-bar vertical fold toolbars are designed to be paired with Orthman’s heavy-duty hitches and hitch clamps. The brute strength of the hitches teamed with hitch clamps and tieback packages vastly increase the strength of virtually any implement. These bolt-on hitches allow variable placement along the toolbar, increasing their ability to adapt to nearly any custom configuration. High, medium and low lift height hitch options provide even more flexibility to customize your toolbar setup.

Folding Toolbar Features

  • 14 inch wide line-bored hinges, for smooth movement and superior strength
  • 1/2-inch wall tubing is standard on center sections on models totaling more than 35 feet in length, for guaranteed strength
  • Innovative internal folding cylinder design, allows for obstruction free mounting
  • Heavy–duty bolt on hitches and clamps, built to handle high horsepower tractors
  • Adjustable wing stops for 115 degrees or 135 degrees to support the weight of wing
  • Adjustable safety lighting kits to fit your custom build needs

Row Crop Tillage Toolbar

Engineered to meet the demands of row crop tillage for growers around the world, Orthman stays out in front with the strongest three-point hitch on the market. Designed from decades of experience in row crop tillage, the Orthman Row Crop Tillage Toolbar was built to help put all the power from high-horsepower tractors to work and to give you the confidence it will do so for decades to come.

Built to handle today’s higher horsepower tractors

New heavy-duty category 3 and 4 hitches were engineered using finite element analysis and rigorously tested in the harshest testing conditions with the highest horsepower tractors on the market. We guarantee that the Orthman Row Crop Tillage Toolbar is the best in the industry.

Intelligent Design

Double-toolbar design features wide line-bored hinges for smooth folding and more strength to provide trouble-free use season after season. The row crop tillage toolbar’s new internal folding linkage design enables all models smaller than 16 row 30-inch to fold 180 degrees for smaller transport width and height.

Massive Framework

The 16 row 36" toolbar and larger toolbars are equipped with an enormous top truss spanning the length of the entire center section. These larger toolbars come standard with CAT 4/4N three-point hitches and are built to handle whatever you throw at it.

Row Crop Tillage Toolbar Features

  • Available in over 20 configurations in 8- to 18-row sizes and 22” to 40” spacings
  • Heavy-duty category 3 and 4 hitches can handle the highest horsepower tractors
  • Wide line-bored hinges for smooth folding and more strength
  • Internal folding linkage enables all models smaller than 16 row 30-inch to fold 180 degrees for smaller transport width and height
  • Strategically placed mounting points provide clean and consistent routing positions for multiple types of fertilizer systems
  • Lighting and hydraulic storage brackets are included on all folding toolbar models

Custom Toolbars

If our large selection of folding toolbars does not fit your needs, contact your local Orthman Product Specialist to talk about your custom toolbar needs.