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Bedlister Roller

Bedlister Roller

Uniform seedbeds, ready for planting in a single pass

The Orthman BedLister Roller simultaneously creates furrows for field drainage and irrigation while constructing a firm, level, uniform seedbed. Equipped with fully adjustable furrowers and heavy-duty rear rollers, the Orthman BedLister Roller enables you to accomplish more jobs in one field pass to save time and money. The BedLister Roller is available in a full range of row spacing configurations built on the solid foundation of Orthman rigid, folding or stacking toolbars.


Adjustable Furrower

Providing plenty of flexibility, the BedLister Roller features a furrower that is adjustable in both height and pitch to adapt to differing field conditions. This flexibility allows you to create furrows exactly how you like them to assist with irrigation or to increase your fields’ drainage.


Heavy-Duty Roller

The full-width, heavy-duty roller creates a firm, level seedbed ideal for the planting operation to follow. The thick-walled rear barrel features enormous main shafts mounted in heavy-duty bearings that ensure years of trouble-free service, even in the harshest operating conditions.


Roller Scrapers

Adjustable roller scrapers keep the barrels free of sticky soil and field residue, providing a smooth, constant barrel surface to create flat and consistent seedbeds.


Precision depth control

For additional depth control, optional gauge wheels utilize heavy-duty hubs and an enclosed height-adjustment screw for easy, maintenance-free adjustments.


Built using Orthman's industry-leading stack-fold toolbar technology, the BedLister Roller goes from working in the field to road-ready in just minutes, so you can get more out of each working day.

Unsurpassed toolbar strength

The BedLister Roller can be mounted on any of Orthman’s industry-leading rigid, folding, or stacking toolbars featuring wide, precision line-bored hinges for smooth folding and extra-engineered strength. The BedLister Roller is available in 12- to 16-row configurations with 30” to 40” spacing to adapt to a wide variety of applications.

Patented Design

Orthman folding toolbars are designed around the original principles of the Orthman internal cylinder folding toolbar first developed in the 1970s. The toolbar’s innovative internal folding cylinder design allows the toolbar to fold while freeing up peripheral toolbar space that’s wasted in external folding cylinder models.

Available in multiple configurations, the Orthman BedLister Roller has everything you need to take the lead — and stay there.

Why the BedLister Roller is A Tough Act to Follow

  • Front lister unit with adjustable height and pitch
  • Full-width, heavy-duty rear rollers
  • Optional crank-adjust gauge wheels
  • Built on a solid foundation of Orthman folding or stacking toolbars with Cat 3 hitches
  • Available in 12R30, 12R36, 12R38, 12R40 and 16R30 configurations